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Privacy Policy

In this document we explain the treatment of your personal data as a user of the discounts club services hosted on this website.

Before sending any information through the registration form, make sure you understand the terms of the privacy policy. And if you need any clarification about it, you can write to the following email address: atencion.cliente@inspiringbenefits.com

The correct provision of the services that we offer you is based on the fact that the information you provide is true. If you provide false information, you will be responsible for any damage that may be caused to INSPIRING, the Contracting Company or any other third party.

Who are you providing your data to when you use the website?

The services that are made available to you through this website are managed by the company INSPIRING BENEFITS S.L. (to shorten, we will refer to the name "INSPIRING" when we mention it in this document).

INSPIRING make these services available to you because they have been hired by an organization of which you are a part as a worker, client or associate. In this case by the organization Wales Touch Association.

To identify this organization in this document, we will call it "contracting company". And you can expand more information in the definitions of the Conditions of use of the Platform.

The contracting company wants you to benefit from a series of advantages through discounts and offers of goods and services and also wants to make sure that the service provided by INSPIRING is satisfactory for you as a beneficiary. This will imply that we communicate to the contracting company a series of contact information that we explain in the section "Who are the recipients of your data?".

Hereby you can find the complete INSPIRING data, so you can find us:

INSPIRING BENEFITS S.L located in Madrid, with address at C/ Rosario Pino, 14-16, 28020, with CIF No. B85936680, registered in the Mercantile Register of Madrid, Volume 28.105 Folio 125 Section 8 Page M-506370.

In order to guarantee that we take care of your personal data in an adequate manner, a person will be appointed before May 25, 2018 who coordinates these questions. It is our data protection delegate and you can contact this figure at the following email address: dpd@inspiringbenefits.com

What is the data treatment that we carry out?

1. Website registration management

So that you can start using the services offered through the website, we ask you to fill in a registration form in which we ask you for information regarding your name, e-mail, ID, date of birth, address and city. We use this data to identify you and be able to register you on the website.

2. Sending communications of offers on products and services by email

One of the essential objectives of the service offered through the website is to inform you of the offers that exist on the products and services of different providers.

So, from the first moment, we treat your email to send you newsletters with these offers to the email address that you have given us.

3. Sending communications of offers on products and services by telephone

Once you have access to the service, you have the option to provide more personal information in your user profile. If you provide your phone number we can also send you the offers of products and services to your mobile.

Verify in the configuration of your profile if you want to receive communications by email and by phone; only by email; or just by phone.

You can also configure your options to not receive communication by any means. Keep in mind that, in that case, you will not be able to find out about the offers we have for you.

Therefore, if you provide your telephone number and do not configure your profile to not receive information by this means, we will also send offers to your mobile through messaging systems.

4. Managing your user profile

Once you have registered on the website, you have the option to provide more information from your user profile. In that profile you can add more data such as your profile image, your gender, hobbies, profession, job position.

It is not necessary to complete the profile in order to use the discount service. If you provide them, we use this information to send you offers of the products and services whose preferences you have indicated.

5. Management of the transactions of the offers that you benefit from through the website and paying the money from the piggy bank

The other essential objective of the service offered through the website, is that you can benefit from discounts and savings in the purchase of products and services made available through the website.

When you start to benefit from the discounts by making purchases from the website, we treat the data related to the transactions you make. We can know what products or services you purchase in order to meet and resolve any possible impact on the management of your purchases.

In addition, in order to make the transfer of the money you save to your piggy bank, we will also ask for and process your bank account information.

6. Selection of offers that may interest you more

From the purchases you carry out we decide what offers about products and services may be of most interest to you when it comes to sending you information about them. This means that we analyze your purchase profile and your tastes in order to filter the information that may be of most interest to you. It is not a computer or software that makes those decisions, it is us, personally, from INSPIRING who decide which offers may interest you the most based on the configuration of your profile, the searches for offers you have made on the site, as well as products and previous services that you have acquired.

7. Management of the invitations you send to other users to join the club

On some occasions we enable the possibility that you can invite other people to the service. We treat information regarding the number of people you have invited. However we do not keep the email of the person you invite. If you want to be part of the service, you will have to register that person directly. The information we are talking about is how many people you invite. And we treat that information because it helps us to know about your satisfaction with the service. If you invite people, it's because you like it.

8. Facilitate communication with other users

The service may include the possibility for users to use a bulletin board. As all users of the service belong to the same Contracting Company, the purpose of the bulletin board is that users can coordinate to do activities, publish ads, etc.

Sometimes we give you options about possible uses of the bulletin board, for example, to share the car to go to work, we call this idea "car sharing".

If you want to use the board, the information we will discuss is the one that you decide to publish on the bulletin board.

To manage this service, if you want to use it, we treat your details of name and surname, telephone and city.

On the other hand, keep in mind that all club users will be able to see the information you decide to publish, so do not post anything you do not want others to see.

9. Organization of events, tournaments and activities

Sometimes we can organize events and tournaments for all those service members who are interested in participating.

If you sign up to participate in an event, then we will ask you for information about the headquarters of the company in which you work, so that we can coordinate the matches or any activity that requires coordination between headquarters of the contracting company. We will also ask you for the size of your shirt to facilitate the proper equipment. We will ask you for your weight and height, to

Equilibrate the balance of the participants in the activities. Your date of birth, to assess the option of organizing activities of "seniors" against "juniors". And your ID to manage your identification in the tournament.

We know that you are in good shape but, because we like to prevent, we will also ask you to provide an emergency contact number for a relative or friend and their email. If you are going to give us this information, remember to tell your friend or relative that we will have your phone number and email in case something happens to you. We can also write to that contact person to inform them that we have their phone because you have provided it to us and we will surely write you if something happens to you. We will keep that information while your participation in events is maintained.

10. Contest celebration

We like you to have fun, so sometimes we hold contests. They can be about Christmas greetings, healthy recipes, photographs, etc.

If you sign up for the contest, we will treat your name, surname, address and email information. Anyway, all the contests have their own bases in which we will tell you what the contest is about and if it is us who organize it or the Contracting Company.

Who are the recipients of your data?

The reason you can benefit from the services offered through the website is that the contracting company you belong to has hired INSPIRING to decide if you want to enjoy those services.

So we communicate some information to the Contracting Company related to your use of the service, which are specifically those that we indicate below:

  • Your user ID and email so that they have control over the people in your group who have registered or withdrawn from the service.

  • If you sign up to participate in the events, tournaments and activities that we organize, we will provide you with your first and last name, email, date of birth, ID, telephone number, address, route or activity in which you participate and shirt size for coordination joint activity or event to be held.

  • If you participate in contests, we will give you your name and surname if you win the contest for the coordination of the prizes.

In addition a series of promotions can be offered, through this website, managed by suppliers subcontracted by INSPIRING. These providers can be consulted in the following link. It may be that to access these promotions change the URL from which the user accesses the main website. URLs managed by suppliers subcontracted by INSPIRING are those established in the link mentioned above.

These providers are configured as responsible for the treatment, for the purposes of personal data protection regulations, with respect to INSPIRING, committing themselves before INSPIRING to apply the appropriate security measures on the personal data they deal with.

Why do we ask you to accept this privacy policy?

The legislation on data protection requires that there be a legal basis that justifies the treatment of personal data of individuals.

Our legal basis for processing your data is your consent. And you give us your consent when you check the acceptance box at the time of registration in the service.

If you do not agree with the data processing that we are going to carry out then, please do not register. And if you have any doubt about the content of this document, write us and ask us.

You can unsubscribe from the service, at any time, by canceling your account in the profile.

And without prejudice to the minimum data required for registration on the platform, you can decide what information you provide us based on the services you want to use of all those available to you on the website.

You can also exercise a lot of rights that we indicate in the next section to ask what we do with your data.

What rights do you have to ensure that we take good care of your data?

As the owner of your data and in order to be able to control what any company does with them, you have a series of rights that we indicate below:

You can exercise your rights of access, portability, limitation of treatment, information, rectification and cancellation of your data and revocation of your authorization without retroactive effects by sending an email to the following address: lopd@inspiringbenefits.com.

You can also exercise your right of opposition to the treatment we carry out in order to decide which offers may be of most interest to you, based on the analysis of your purchase profile.

And in any case, if you consider that we have not adequately addressed your rights, we would appreciate if you tell us, in case of any discomfort you have about it, but keep in mind, that you can also file a claim with the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos.

For how long do we keep your data?

The personal data that you provide us will be preserved during the time you use the website. If you decide to unsubscribe we will block and, when the legal term elapses, we will eliminate them.

If the contracting entity to which you belong cancels its contract with INSPIRING, you will no longer be able to enjoy INSPIRING services through the website. In that case we will block them and, when the legal term elapses, we will eliminate them.

Whether you decide to unsubscribe, or if it is your company that decides to cancel their contract with INSPIRING we will never treat your data for any purpose other than the enjoyment of the services of the website. We will eliminate them in any case.

Do we guarantee the security of your data?

INSPIRING has adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of your personal data.

We have also enabled procedures to respond within the appropriate legal deadlines to any security breach that may occur on your personal data.

We also contract and commit ourselves to always hire suppliers that implement the appropriate security measures to protect your data by hosting our website and our technology. And also to have your data located within the European Economic Area.

In this link you have at your disposal the providers that support our services.

Why do we use cookies?

We analyze your browsing data through the use of cookies. Check our cookies policy for more information about which cookies and for what purpose.

What happens with the links on the website that take me to other websites?

Through the website you can be directed to other websites. INSPIRING do not have control over how your personal data is processed by those other sites. You should read their privacy policies to know how they will treat your personal data.

Why have we changed the privacy policy? Will we change it again?

We have updated this policy because, as of May 25, 2018, a European regulation called "General Regulation of Data Protection" will be applied. This regulation, among other things, extends the rights of data owners and establishes a figure such as that of the Delegate for Data Protection.

If it is necessary to change the policy in the future because, for example, there are new legislative changes, we will notify you and we will publish the changes in this same address.