How do I access the discounts?

You have many ways to take advantage of the best offers and discounts in hundreds of stores:
  • You can visit the online store by clicking on the button that you'll find on the information page of the offer that you want to access. There are several types of offers:
    • Piggy Bank Cashback: The Piggy Bank is the new way to save, allowing you to recover money each time you make a purchase. When you make a purchase at a store with this type of savings model, we will refund the corresponding percentage into your Piggy Bank. For example, if you make a purchase for £100 in a store with 5% cashback, we will deposit £5 into your Piggy Bank (although the refund is usually calulated on the total before taxes and shipping fees). To learn more about this savings model, please consult the detailed explanation in the FAQs section.
    • Direct discounts: When accessing the store's webpage through the access button, you will be identified as a user and the corresponding discount will be automatically applied to your purchase.
  • Some suppliers allow you to make purchases by phone or in physical stores, presenting a discount coupon. Follow the instructions that you will find on the offer's page to enjoy the discount.

I can't find an offer that was here before. Has it disappeared?

The agreements with the suppliers may vary periodically. For this reason, it is possible that you saw or regularly used an offer that is no longer available. If you are interested in a specific offer, please contact us and we will try to help you find what you are looking for.

The discount code doesn't work. What should I do?

You should first review your purchase or reservation to ensure that it meets the conditions for the code to be accepted (you will be able to find the conditions in the description of the offer). If your purchase meets the specific conditions and you see that the code still isn't working, please contact us before finalising your purchase.

I'm having trouble with the application of a discount

If a store has not applied the discount, does not know how to do so, or if you have had any other issues with a supplier, please let us know.
You will able to report the issue within the offer itself, beneath the access button where it states, "Problems with the offer?" Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems!

How can I configure the emails I wish to receive?

You can manage the sending of communications among the various options available to keep you informed of all the news and highlights agreements that are available. You will only receive our communications when you want to. You can do it from My profile > Notifications

How do I change my location?

At the top of the page you will see the area in which you are located. By clicking on the area, you will see your exact location. This location can be modified either automatically or manually.

Why do I have to make purchases with the piggy bank refund through this website?

The only way we can automatically refund your savings is if you access the supplier's website by clicking on the "Access the online offer" button found on the offer's page. If you make your purchase directly from the supplier's website or use another code that wasn't obtained here, the supplier will not recognize the purchase and for this reason, we won't be able to provide you with the refund. Whenever you wish to make an online purchase on one of the suppliers' websites, please access the site through this page to ensure the proper application of the piggy bank refund.

Regarding the piggy bank cash back offers, why don't I see the discounts on the supplier's website?

When taking advantage of the cashback offers (as opposed to the coupon or direct discount offers), you pay 100% of the purchase. However, the supplier later refunds the corresponding savings (discount) into your piggy bank. IMPORTANT: Unless otherwise specified in the offer, the savings percentage will be calculated on the price before taxes and delivery fees.

I made a purchase but it's not reflected in the piggy bank. What happened?

Make sure that:
  • You accessed the supplier's web through the button, "Access the online offer," within the offer itself.
  • You haven't used any discount code that wasn't obtained on this website.
  • You made the purchase online and not by phone.
  • It's an offer with a piggy bank refund and not an offer with a coupon or direct discount.
If the purchase meets ALL of the stated conditions and more than 5 days have passed since you made the purchase, please complete this form or give us a call so that we can file a complaint with the supplier.

I already received my purchased product but the status continues to read "pending." Why?

The purchase is considered to be "pending" until the supplier confirms the purchase. (This process can take between 30 and 60 days, or more if it is a hotel or flight reservation, depending on the date for which the reservation was made.) The reasoning behind this status is that the supplier must provide a margen wide enough to abide by the legal time frames for exchanges, returns, possible cancellations, and to ensure that the entire process was properly carried out, before changing the status. If 60 days have passed since you made the purchase and the status continues to be "pending," please write to us, indicating the date of purchase and the order number, and we'll file a complaint with the supplier.

When can I transfer the money accumulated in my piggy bank to my bank account?

At any time, provided that you have a minimum balance of £20

I requested the transfer but my money hasn't arrived. Why?

It may take 7-15 days for your money to arrive after requesting the transfer.

My purchase has been denied... Why?

A purchase can be denied by the supplier for different reasons: the order/booking was cancelled after placing the order/making the reservation, a code/coupon that was not available/not valid was used to make the purchase.